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For online and social media retailers, ghost mannequin services are a lifesaver. It is basically a post-processing method that helps save a huge time, effort, and money. Mannequins are used by online apparel stores to display their products in the best possible way in all elements of their product photos.

If you’re looking for a dependable ghost mannequin service for your eCommerce solution, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with this particular editing service; here, we will discuss everything that you need to understand about it. Let’s examine what a ghost mannequin is, how it functions, and how we professionally help our clients in order to meet their needs.

About Ghost Mannequin Service

A method known as “ghost mannequin” removes the models or dummies from clothing or accessories. It also provides a two-dimensional or three-dimensional vision or view of the product. This service is used by many internet retailers, including fashion designers, photographers, and periodicals. Customers can also know this service by its other names, such as the neck joint, hollow mannequin, and transparent mannequin.

A ghost mannequin gives the appearance that a model is wearing the item. Every aspect of the clothing is visible. Customers can therefore see every single feature of the goods from every angle of the image. By looking at the snapshot, it is simple to measure clothing and other items. Customers are more likely to choose this choice while purchasing clothing because of this.

Types Of Ghost Mannequin Services We Offer

In terms of ghost mannequin picture editing, we provide a wide range of services.

Learn more about our renowned services by reading the list below.


Clothes Photo Editing Service

Start From – $0.79/image

An image processing method known as “clothes picture editing” is mostly used to improve the appearance of the clothing in an image. To edit clothes images, you must change the backdrop, fix the image’s form, get rid of the creases in the clothing, and adjust the color. In Photoshop, there are a number of other techniques and tools which can be used to alter photographs.


Invisible Ghost Mannequin Service

Start From – $0.79/image

Taking off the mannequin from a photograph is known as an “invisible mannequin. After the photograph has been taken, this is done in post-production. With this technique, the mannequin is gone, and the clothing appears to be on a real person. In this manner, it is simple to comprehend the dress’s form. An invisible mannequin is one of the most common effects that may be used in fashion photography.


Symmetrical Neck Joint Service

Start From – $0.89/image

A clever technique for cutting and joining clothing elements is the symmetrical ghost effect. Full symmetrical, as well as semi-symmetrical ghost effects fall under this category. A mirror operation resembles the Full Symmetrical Ghost Effect. We duplicate half of the clothing and paste it in the opposite direction for the other half. To finalize the appearance, we add shadows and remove extraneous elements.


Making Transparent Background

Start From – $0.89/image

The background of a photograph is crucial for a product picture’s overall look. A poorly chosen backdrop by itself can ruin the appeal of a beautifully shot product photograph. We remove this backdrop type and substitute a suitable one in order to create an intriguing product photo. We also change the color of the product photographs’ backgrounds to white, but only for e-commerce businesses.


Making White Background

Start From – $0.99/image

A white background is crucial in displaying products in your online store. When you use a white backdrop in your product photo editing, it draws more attention to the detail. Additionally, it quickly grabs the attention of your customers and encourages them to make the purchase. We expertly switch backgrounds from colored to white and from white to color for e-commerce photographs and websites.


Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Start From – $1.49/image

The neck joint includes ghost mannequins even though it is regarded as a distinguished post-processing service. After the mannequin separation, the neck joint service adds the back neck. The rear portion of a model or mannequin while shooting is hidden behind the model or mannequin; therefore, it must be inserted individually during editing. For the finest possible results, our Photoshop professionals perform the neck joint treatment as part of our invisible mannequin service.


Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Start From – $1.49/image

This service is necessary if your garment product photographs contain intricate bottom components, such as shorts, socks, underwear, etc. If they do, the mannequin’s body has to be correctly removed to provide the appearance of a ghost mannequin. This is a fantastic approach to handling photographs of lower apparel and offering them to customers in a realistic manner.


Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Start From – $1.49/image

Long sleeves are a feature of many clothing items like jackets and suits, and when a professional separates a mannequin’s hand from the sleeve section, the inner sleeve is left with a similar gap. In order to complete the joint sleeve service, the expert installs the missing sleeve component.

What Advantages Do Ghost Mannequin Editing Techniques Clipping Outsourcing Offer?

One of the finest methods for creating photos of a professional grade is the ghost mannequin effect. The mannequin effect offers a lot of benefits in addition to producing high-quality product photographs.

The ghost mannequin effect is recommended for the following reasons.

  • Helps to maintain the pictures’ uniformity.
  • Provides the image with a 3d look.
  • This technique makes the clothing’s real form visible.
  • It Shows viewers what it may look like after wearing it.
  • It lowers the additional cost associated with a model picture shoot.

Who Requires the Ghost Mannequin Service?

In particular, online retailers selling fashion-related goods need the ghost mannequin service. The following experts specifically use these services.

  • Image Editor
  • Magazine
  • Photographers
  • Photography studio
  • E-commerce
  • Real estate

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    We favor quality over quantity. We have a significant staff of editing professionals that can operate under pressure without sacrificing quality. If you have a modest order with a small number of photographs, it just takes a few hours to complete. But if you want more than 2000 photographs, we’ll talk about it and set dates for your order.