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High-quality product pictures are important for e-commerce, and our product photo editing services offer the necessary appeal. You require a lot more than standard product images to get shoppers to pull out their payment cards. Here’s where product picture editing comes into play since it will enable you to brilliantly display your product photos when customers come to browse things on an online site.

According to how you want your product images to appear in your online store, we optimize them. Our main objective is to use the best photo-editing methods to create captivating product photography that is ideal for your online business. With the help of our services for retouching e-commerce product photos, several of our clients were able to increase their online sales.

What does product photo editing mean?

Images of any product can be changed in many ways throughout the process of product photo editing. Products aim to always be flawless and appealing to customers. However, poor product photos do appear on occasion. Each eCommerce company has hundreds of items to sell on various online markets. There will be more demand as the market expands. These items must be modified in accordance with the requirements of the individual marketplaces in order to be sold there.

Categories for product photo editing services.

After being taken, the product for e-commerce images has several flaws. There is no possibility for one technique to repair all kinds of flaws. Therefore, removing these faults from the product images requires a variety of photo editing procedures. Explore the sample of the e-commerce product picture editing services we provide below, which are catered to the needs of our clients and the aesthetic of the product photographs.

background removal service

Background removal for product photos.

Start From – $0.39/image

When it comes to a product picture’s overall aesthetic, the image backdrop is quite important. A backdrop mistake alone can ruin the attractiveness of a perfectly composed product image. To generate a fascinating product shot, we eliminate this kind of background and replace it with an appropriate one. Only for e-commerce stores, we also convert the backdrop of product photos to white.

image masking

Masking service

Start From – $1.29/image

Our leading e-commerce picture editing services focus on changing your photographs using cutting-edge masking methods like layer masking, transparent masking, alpha layer masking, and more to ensure the product’s final view looks more attractive rather than simply an image.

Adobe photoshop's shadow effects

Adobe photoshop’s shadow effects.

Start From – $1.39/image

One of the intriguing photo editing solutions we provide for product images is the shadow effect. Shadow effects on transparent e-commerce product images give the item more reality. We provide a variety of shadows, such as drop shadows, naturalistic shadows, and reflect shadows, depending on the size, form, and intricacy of the items. For our shadow effect service, we also save the original shadow.


The ghost-mannequin effect

Start From – $0.89/image

We offer a wonderful and useful service for clothes items. By using the “ghost mannequin effect,” we can reveal secret areas of clothing that were previously hidden by the mannequin, like t-shirts, shirts, coats, sweaters, jeans, and more. This not only reduces the extra work involved in utilizing dummies to exhibit things, but it also spruces them up by giving them a ghostly or hollow appearance.

The editing and correction of color.

Start From – $0.49/image

Color correction is a crucial service for many different types of product pictures, regardless of the business sector. Product images show a range of colors in both retail and e-commerce settings. In several situations, a product’s elements conflict, and occasionally, the color of the product doesn’t match the backdrop or foreground. We can help with this with our color-correcting service.

Editing inventive product photos.

Start From – $0.69/image

When customers want to purchase things online, they always look for something appealing. While several internet shops may sell exactly the same stuff but who spice up their product photograph instantly increase their chances of making purchases. We specialize in using creative tools for editing product photos to make your product photography more appealing. We add components and mood, creatively adjust color, contrast, and lighting, eliminate unwelcome things, and provide the ideal final touch.

Image resize

Rotate and resize

Start From – $0.49/image

Products can be shown from different angles using rotation. Resizing enables the showcasing of certain goods that buyers might find interesting. Individuals want to understand as much as they can about the product visually, and we will provide them with that knowledge.


Cleaning product photo

Start From – $0.69/image

It is relatively unusual for product photographs to include dust specks, dirt smudges, stains, scratches, etc., in various locations. However, without this extraneous material being eliminated, it cannot be utilized directly in online retailers. We employ a variety of tools in Adobe Photoshop as part of our product photo cleaning service to remove smudges and defects and give the goods a fresh new look.

Why is product photo editing necessary?

The e-commerce industry is distinct from the traditional industry. Here, buyers are unable to feel the items, making it impossible for them to assess their quality by touch. They can only decide to buy anything based on the product photo. Therefore, in order to attract customers, these products need to have captivating appearances. These hand-drawn edited product photographs may readily draw customers, thereby increasing the probability of purchases if they are given a professional touch.

The following are some advantages of using picture editing services:

  • More and more individuals may browse and purchase your stuff through your website.
  • By reducing them smaller, you may speed up your website and improve its appearance.
  • It would be advantageous for your product to have a more antique or modern appearance.

What Does Editing of Product Photos Include?

Photo editing is the process of removing undesired areas from a photograph. It makes it possible to draw attention to the locations that are best. Clipping Your photos may be expertly edited to accent the displayed object by outside retouchers.

Following our client’s aesthetic requirements is one of the most crucial elements in our product retouching procedure. By doing this, we ensure that customers will recognize your company’s brand throughout the whole spectrum of your products.

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    Why choose clipping outsourcing?

    We follow a very strict work process to ensure that there is no opportunity for our customers to complain about the product photo editing service we offer. When we get a specific order, we carefully review your instructions to make sure to understand what you want.

    The entire responsibility, however, falls to our product picture editing team if you don’t specify any services and simply want us to provide your product photographs with a polished and eye-catching appearance. In order to create photographs that are relaxing to the eyes, our talented product photo retouchers evaluate your raw images and use various photo touch-up procedures.

    We are an established and knowledgeable provider of picture editing services, so we are well aware of the challenge of finding the ideal solution for your needs.

    Through the offering of a cost-free sample, we simplify things for you. Before beginning the job, send us the details of your eCommerce product picture editing needs so we can provide an example. Before hiring us, check out the efficiency and quality of our work.